If anyone knows how to get a party started, it's Take Fo' Records. Good hip-hop producers create hot beats, but "Henry The Man" makes beats you can dance to, rhyme over, and remember. From DJ Jubilee's "Get Ready, Ready", Choppa's "Choppa Style" to Baby Boy's "The Way I Live". "I can't take credit for all of the beats that come out of Take Fo', but i can say that a beat wont make it through if it's not what i want or what fits the Take Fo' Style. The music has to be full of energy and it has to make you want to dance".

Combining all the artistic influences that have defined him as a hip-hop fan, Henry has done something artists and producers alike, always tell you they intend to do, but rarely actually accomplish: He's taken it to the next level, creating a sound that might best be described as an energetic style of New Orleans hip hop, Bounce music, and now transformed into what we call Urban Dance Music, it's a riveting mix of the new and the old. It's sounds like nothing you've ever heard before, as it makes you just want to shake that ass.